Parking Options in Seattle International Airport

People tend to ignore the importance of parking when they are traveling. When it comes to parking space in Seattle travelers have a lot of options to choose from. On-sirte parking is actually one of these options. Th floors in this airport garage are five. The five floors provide you with short term and long term services. These floors also provide services of picking up passengers when they arrive. You will pay on an hourly basis when you park in this garage. If you leave your car parked in this garage for more than six days, you will receive a discounted rate. Depending on the number of hours your car has been there, your rates will be dependent on that. The total number of days your car will be parked there will determine the total discount you will get.

In Seattle international airport you may also choose the parking option of terminal direct parking. This is very convenient for people who want to fly out of the airport. This parking area has direct access to the airports main terminal. This access is through the fourth floor of the sky bridge. Each and every driver is actually allowed to park in this area. They have the freedom to park there in the short term and the long term. They will be charged a higher rate than the general parking lot in this case.

Seattle international airport also provides a parking space for oversized and electric vehicles. In Seattle international airport vehicle height clearance is normally 7 feet. A vehicle that exceeds that height will have their specific limited spaces. On-site parking charges are normally the same as those of the ones in this parking area. There are also spaces that are reserved for electric vehicles only. Electric car drivers can charge their cars for free in this parking space.

Another parking option is the cell phone waiting lot. Drivers who park in this space are normally waiting for passengers. In this area drivers are able to wait with their vehicles for phone calls from incoming passengers. Once the passenger is ready to be picked the driver can go ahead. In this parking space drivers should not wait for more than 30 minutes. Parking in this lot is also free which is an added advantage. Another parking option is off-site parking. These are the independently owned and operated parking lots. They are normally located in close proximity to Seattle airport. Compared to on-site parking spaces these are way cheaper. They also provide secured parking facilities to passengers. In addition to this they also offer 24-hour services to and from their airport. When traveling to Seattle you will greatly benefit from all these parking lots depending on hat you prefer.